Blog 10: My Growing Love for Etsy


Etsy is fast becoming one of the favourites of the online networks for anything and everything. It is full of independent stores that sell their products usually directly from the source. This means they we have a large amount of zero waste and vegan stores at our fingertips. 

One thing I would recommend is filtering by location, this way you’re getting products that are local, reducing the carbon footprint of what you’re buying.

I have come to love looking through all of the zero waste and vegan option available. My latest purchase being a organic cotton soap saver, and it really does what it says on the tin!

Always check what packaging is used with shipment to insure there is no unnecessary plastic being used. By choosing to shop at Etsy over stores like Amazon and Ebay you are more likely to be paying for homemade products, and can get more information on how they ship, where they ship from etc.

My favourite stores at the moment are:


tabithaevecoThis store has been on Etsy since 2017 and is based in Cardiff, Wales. It has a total of 84 zero waste products available to help you to achieve that zero waste home. With items like cotton pads, sponges, vegan food wraps, produce bags and on-the-go cutlery. Giving you many products in one place.




PlasticFreeZone has been on Etsy since 2018 and already has 49 products available. This includes shampoo bars, metal straws, cotton buds, shampoo tins, cotton bags and kitchen utensils. All of the products are beautiful to look at, practical and free from plastic. How much better could it get?!





BattleGreenBox is another plastic free zone with all of their products sent out in biodegradable packaging. They have a selection of deodorants, straws, starter kits, Menstrual pads and gorgeous coconut bowls!




If you’re looking for palm oil free, vegan solid soaps this store is perfect. They’re affordable and have 27 options available, each with a number of health benefits. They also have conditioner, lip balm and bath melts, what more could you need?!



Remember that in order to live a sustainable lifestyle you should only buy if you need to. This is a really great benefit of going zero waste, you realise that every time you purchase something you are making a decision to fund something much larger, so make sure that every purchase you make is 1-necessary, 2-sustainable and 3-worth your money.


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