Blog 6: Easy Zero Waste Swaps-Shower Savers!

If you’re looking to make the first steps towards a zero waste lifestyle, you might be looking for some easy swaps to get you started. I’ve put together some of the first steps I made towards a zero waste lifestyle (and never looked back!).

The products:

How many times have you looked in the shower and been horrified by the amount of products stacked up? Shampoo, conditions, body wash, hair masks, face wash, exfoliator and shaving cream. What if I told you you could have all of these-minus the plastic?! Every product we have in our bathroom now has a plastic free or zero waste alternative.

The swaps:

Shampoo and conditioner

shampoo and cnditioner

Shampoo and conditioner can be found in many placed in solid form. Try your local zero waste store first, but if you aren’t able to or don’t have one close enough you can find lots of options online. I’ve really got into Etsy, independent and a lot of the time handmade products are available and a very reasonable price!

My favourites:

Lemon and Avocado Soapnut Shampoo Bar from Boobalou

Lavender and Tea Tree Shampoo Bar-Friendly Soap from The Plastic Free Shop

Body wash

Body wash is exactly the same as shampoo and conditioner. In all zero waste stores you can find multiple options of naked body washes.

My favourite:

Soap on a Rope-Soap Daze from Wearth London

Hair mask

Want to know the best natural hair mask? Coconut oil! It’s so nourishing for your hair and scalp (I suffer with psoriasis on my scalp and it really helps when it’s flared up). Make sure you’re not using the same one for cooking. I have one in my bathroom and one in my kitchen. Just be careful when using it in the shower, naturally it’s a slippery product.

My favourite:

Coconut Oil-Vita Coco from Holland and Barrett (make sure you get the glass packaging!)

Face wash

You never want to overload you face with products. Most of the time simply using warm water on your face is the best way to clean your skin without any harsh products. When you do want to use more than warm water try mixing in a little bit of sugar, it’s a natural way to buff dead skin cells. That said there are lots of zero waste, vegan friendly facial soaps available should you want.

My favourite:

Cocoa Butter Facial Cleansing Bar-Friendly Soap from Love and Joy Home (My local!)



As well as sugar, other great alternatives to shop bought exfoliators are used coffee grounds (freshly used) and nut/oat milk residue. That gunk you have left over when making vegan milk shouldn’t be destined for the bin, use it as a natural exfoliator to really make the most of the product and get your skin glowing!

Shaving cream

Why not go old school and choose a shaving bar and brush? It’s much better for your skin and can make the whole process just that bit more enjoyable! These are available in most natural stores and can last a really long time!

My favourite:

Lavender and Cedarwood Shaving Soap- Wild Sage & Co from The Kind Store

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