Blog 5: Why Vegan?


There and plenty of ways to answer that question, the first one that came to mind was ‘Why not?!’. However, this is an important topic that needs discussing as much as possible to get the word out about all of the huge benefits a vegan diet can provide.

Firstly, the animals..


We are all citizens of the same earth. We all breath, sleep, eat, feel, hurt, love and live. Which brings me to the question, why some and not others? Most people wouldn’t dream of eating a dog or cat, but don’t bat an eyelid at the prospect of eating a pig or a cow.

One word, PERCEPTION. What society has told us is right and wrong doesn’t necessarily make it true. It’s incredible that you can go to jail for killing one animal and be paid to kill another. Where is the sense in that?! The only way forward is to view these animals as equals, they weren’t put on this earth to die, if they were why were they given a life?

Each year towards the end of their short lived life millions of animals endure horrendously long and sometimes freezing livestock transportation, and what’s their final vision? It doesn’t bare thinking about. These animals have a right to live on the planet just as much as we do, and in fact we are the most destructive animals that has ever walked the earth. We should be asking for their forgiveness.

Choosing to adopt a vegan lifestyle will end your funding of this torturous industry. The power is in the people, and we are growing.

The planet..


Another reason to go vegan is the planet, 18% of greenhouse gas emissions stem from animal agriculture. 18%! Thats more than the transportation gas emissions at 13%. (source: ) So by going vegan you’re significantly reducing your carbon footprint too.

We’ve been given 12 years to reverse the effects of global warming and improve our climate, so why has animal agriculture not been the first to go?! I don’t mean closing all of the farms down, and tossing the farmers out to fend for themselves. I mean training these farmers to farm crops, fruits and veggies. It’s not about punishing people for doing their job, it’s about creating more sustainable, eco friendly jobs for these workers.

The food..


People have this misconception the vegan food is just a salad leaf. I don’t know how many times i’ve been asked what I eat….Food?? A lot of people don’t realise that much of the food they already eat is in fact vegan.

Grains like rice, pasta, oats, quinoa, bulgar wheat and barley. Pulses like kidney beans, black beans, lentils, chickpeas and peas. Seeds and nuts, a huge variety of fruits and veggies and anything else we fancy, minus the animal products. So as you can see there’s a lot of protein in that selection of food groups. Plus it tastes divine, improves your cooking skills and majorly reduces the chance of getting food poisoning because you didn’t cook something for long enough.

Your health..


Following on from the last section, the food vegans eat can be extremely healthy (don’t get me wrong we can eat cake, chocolate and pancakes too) but by including all of these food groups in your diet you’ll be protecting yourself against so many life threatening diseases that are linked to consuming animal products. (I’m not a dietician. I’ve done my research but if you would like to learn more check out this page on

For some vegan inspo check out my favourite sites to visit:

  • BOSH!– for some scarily good vegan comfort food. You won’t even notice the lack of meat!
  • PETA– for guides on making being vegan as simple as possible.
  • Veganuary– for the lo down on all things vegan.
  • Lazy Cat Kitchen– my all time favourite vegan recipe site!
  • Bunny Free App– To make sure your cosmetics aren’t tested on animals or contain any animal products.

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