Blog 4: Starting Your Zero Waste Journey

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Why go zero waste or plastic free?

Zero Waste is a movement, and one that is vital to preserving and caring for our planet. It’s become all too easy to purchase products either coated in plastic or made entirely out of plastic. This has made is essential to do our upmost to reduce our amount of plastic consumption, which in turn will increase demand for sustainable packaging, encouraging companies to offer these alternatives, and hopefully cut out their plastic waste all together.

To Start..

Stop purchasing plastic shopping bags in all stores. Invest in a few reusable bags and say no to their disposable plastic ones. These can be made from Hemp, Cotton, Jute or one made from recycled plastic bags. These will save you money (each bag now costs 10p in all supermarkets!) and reduce your plastic consumption.

Say no to disposable coffee cups. Almost all coffee shops offer discount to those who bring their own coffee cup. If you’re a cereal coffee drinker make sure you’ve always got your cup on you. Discounts can be up to £1 per drink, you’ll have paid off your reusable cup in 10-15 coffees!

Opt for re-usable water bottles. Not only does this encourage you to drink more water (massive bonus!), but it can significantly reduce your plastic consumption if you often find yourself caught short of water. Another great introduction from coffee shops and restaurants is they will re-fill your bottles for free, so there’s no excuse to be buying plastic bottles anymore! Happy planet, happy wallet, happy body!

Ditch the face wipes. With so many alternatives nowadays, there’s no need for wet wipes. Most of them contain plastics, and take years to biodegrade. If you use a wipe every morning and every evening on your face make a change and use a re-usable face cloth or sponge. Make-up can be easily removed using coconut oil, giving you a plastic free make-up routine and unbeatably smooth skin!

Where to buy..

When looking for your alternatives always look locally first. Most towns have a zero waste shop of some kind, so get researching for your local! This reduces the environmental impact by reducing the travel costs, however, there are lots of online zero waste and cruelty free stores, who also package in recyclable material and use as little packaging as possible-none including plastic. Here are a selection of my favourite online stores:


The Kind Store-The Kind Store is a 100% vegan, natural and eco-friendly online shop. With a selection of essentials to help you make ethical and sustainable choices. They support Tower Hill Animal Sanctuary, with 10% of their profits going towards the food and care of rescued animals locally in Essex. Everything is posted in plastic free packaging.


Peace With The Wild-This is a relatively new store but has many products available, all made with cruelty free products, and no harmful chemicals or packaging. I always like to look for stores owned by likeminded people, who are just looking to make a positive impact in the world, and when you read this stores bio you can definitely feel the passion she has in providing zero waste alternatives to everyone.

wearth london

From plastic free beauty products, to environmentally friendly furniture, and everything in between. Wearth London offer a huge range of products, all delivered in plastic free-recyclable packaging. If you’re a new homeowner and are looking for eco friendly furniture check out the products on offer at Wearth London.

Making these simple changes are a great start to your zero waste journey.



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